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If I could continue working in and writing for theatre until the day I die, I could die happy. But to do that, I need to keep growing.

I started out as a lonely gay kid who absorbed LGBTQ media like a stranded islander. The tales of gay exploits in films like “Were the World Mine,” plays like “RENT,” and yaoi manga like “Jackass” fueled me. And now, I hope to create similar stories about queer people of color, their allies (and enemies), and the messy world we all live in.

In truth, my artistic aesthetic is still developing. I’ve discovered an interest in merging the magical whimsy and ethereal wonder of stories like “Harry Potter” and Studio Ghibli films with the grungy realness of “Paris is Burning” and “CBGB.” While I haven’t perfected it, I feel this aesthetic will make my voice shine.

As such, my current goals are to spend the next few years developing my voice and aesthetic into the golden ray of my dreams. In addition, I hope to gain a group of likeminded peers who stand in the same place in their artistic careers. A home base and phone list of allies in the crusade for art, career, and self-expression.

While I’m enjoying the bumpy bike ride of self-production, I have dreams of a larger platform. In the long run, I hope to create a name for myself, especially in Philadelphia, and have productions in major theatres while self-producing smaller shows. Then, hopefully, I’ll never stop writing. And if I do… well, you know why.