Lionel Questions The Universe

“Meet Lionel. He loves reading, space, and Arthur.
On his birthday, Lionel’s witch mother gives him a tarot deck, and he draws the death card. In his confusion, he asks questions.
Lionel Questions the Universe follows a struggling mother, a foul-mouthed brother, and a precocious boy in a tired home.”

SoLow Fest Stage Reading: Jun 22-24, 2018

Production: Oct 6 – 14, 2018




Whine & Waffles

“Ti likes Jo, Jo likes drugs, Lionel hates work, & Janelle hates Lionel. Watch these twenty-somethings tackle clubs, money, and insecurities in a city wheredancing strangers become fast friends. But can their wine-induced whine sessions handle the gay crushes, foul language, failures to love… and ghosts?”

Table Read: Mar 16, 2019

Fringe Fest Production: September 4-19, 2019